July 21, 2015

5 Steps To Ensure Office Fitout Design Success

Article by Micah Weeks

If you have decided that a brand new office fitout design is what your workplace requires, it is imperative to look for tips to ensure its fluent progress. The good news is that there are a number of things you can do and steps you can take to improve the chances that your fitout will be exactly what you wanted.

  1. Research
    You should consider what it is about your office that does and doesn’t work, what your limitations and aspirations are, what your long-term strategy is, and what technology is required. Scope of works based on the number of offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, workstations etc is also helpful to assist the design team in producing the correct layouts. By having a fairly good idea of what it is you want, you will ensure that you receive more accurate quotes based on your requirements.
  2. Fitout Specialist
    It is important that you choose a specialist who possesses the knowledge and skills required to bring your design to life. We can help you to make the right decisions for your business and workplace. It is important that you speak with the specialist prior to employing their services to ensure that you are comfortable with them and that they can do what you want them to.
  3. Design
    You will need to consider every aspect of the workplace, from the colour scheme and materials to natural light and workflow. Whilst some decisions will be influenced by the nature of your business, the physical limitations of your workplace and even your brand, they still require thought. Appointing an interior designer will assist greatly in this area to ensure the office ambience is correct. 3D images and documentaries can be provided so you have a feel for the office prior to its construction.
  4. Business Needs
    When refurbishing your current workplace, it is important that your business is disrupted as little as possible. Try to schedule work for after-hours and ensure that your employees are not hindered. Staged works are also possible to ensure that your office remains totally operational.
  5. Installation
    A correctly scheduled installation can be quick. It is suggested to work directly with your consultant to ensure it is well planned and both parties are well aware of the movements.

We hope that the steps and tips provided above have given you a basis on which to plan the success of your office fitout design. The team at Zircon is committed to understanding exactly what it is that your business requires and meeting all of these requirements in an exceptional fitout.

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