October 12, 2023

An Interview with Melbourne’s Finest Interior Design & Office Fit-out Experts

Article by Micah Weeks

Interviewed by Inska 
September 2023

In today’s interview, we had the pleasure of catching up with General Manager Micah Weeks, Melbourne’s finest interior design and office fit-out experts, Zircon Interiors.

With a reputation for crafting exceptional workspaces, Zircon Interiors has made a significant mark in Melbourne’s design and construction industry.

It’s with great admiration that Inska had the pleasure of conducting this interview, delving deeper into the surface to reveal their interior design roots to discover what makes them one of Melbourne’s most sought-after commercial office fitout builders. 

Question 1

Inska: “To kick things off, provide us with some background about Zircon Interiors and explain how the decision to make interior design an integral part of your service offering was a natural progression?”

Zircon Interiors: “Absolutely, and thank you for having us. Zircon is a bespoke design and construction company based in Melbourne. We specialise in various projects, including commercial office fit-outs, boardrooms, office refurbishments, transforming commercial buildings, and even warehouse conversions. Our journey into interior design was indeed a natural progression for us.

Melbourne is known for its high standards and demand for high-end fit-outs and architecturally inspired offices. The market here sets a high bar for innovative and aesthetically pleasing workspaces. As a design-gifted company, we found that relying solely on external interior designers needed to fully resonate with our standards and conceptual approach. We realised that to deliver the level of excellence our clients expected, we needed to take interior design in-house.”

Question 2

Inska: “That sounds like a wise move. Could you elaborate on the factors that influenced this decision to bring interior design in-house?”

Zircon Interiors: “Certainly. Several factors played into our decision. Firstly, Melbourne’s clientele is ambitious and keen to try the latest interior design trends, which we love.

By incorporating interior design into our core services, we could closely align our designs with our clients’ expectations and preferences, resulting in a more cohesive and satisfying experience.

Moreover, it was about minimising design discrepancies. When working with external designers, there may be a gap between the design concept and the execution. By having our own in-house team of interior designers, we could bridge that gap seamlessly, ensuring that the final product matched our original vision.

Efficiency was another key factor. We streamlined our design and construct processes by integrating interior design into our services. This not only saved time but also improved the efficiency of our projects. For our clients, it meant a smoother and more hassle-free experience.

Lastly, having interior design as an integral part of our services allowed us to provide a single point of contact for our clients. This is crucial in our industry, especially when working on projects like commercial office fit-outs. It ensures that nothing gets lost in translation during the design and construction phases. We take extra care in tailoring our design solutions to combat identified workplace inefficiencies, enhancing functionality and aesthetics simultaneously.”

Question 3

Inska: “It’s clear that bringing interior design in-house was a strategic move that benefits both your team and clients. Can you tell us more about how this change has impacted your approach to creating commercial office fit-outs and other projects?”

Zircon Interiors: “Absolutely. Our integrated approach has profoundly impacted our approach to projects, especially in the context of commercial office fit-outs. When we design and build on such commercial projects, we have a holistic view of the entire process. Our designers and construction teams collaborate closely from the outset, ensuring that design and construction are seamlessly aligned.

We can take a more strategic approach to office fit-outs, tailoring designs to combat identified workplace inefficiencies. Whether optimising space use, enhancing employee well-being through ergonomic or biophilic design, or creating inspiring and functional collaborative spaces, our in-house design team works hand in hand with our construction experts to deliver on our client’s objectives.

In essence, our integrated approach allows us to offer end-to-end solutions that not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations, which we believe makes us Melbourne’s preferred choice for those seeking a single-point provider for interior design and office fit-outs.

Question 4

Inska: What advice would you give someone looking for a commercial office fit-out company in a city like Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane?

Zircon Interiors: I recommend picking a few reputable companies with a strong track record in your city and researching them. Check their portfolio, reviews, and testimonials to gauge their quality.

Also, consider companies with in-house design capabilities, as this streamlines the process. Communication and transparency are key, so choose a company that listens to your needs, provides clear budgeting, and offers realistic project timelines.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask for references from past clients to get firsthand insights into their performance.

Question 5

Inska: Are there any building codes or regulations that we should  be aware of for my interior design project in Melbourne?

Zircon Interiors: Yes, Melbourne has building codes and regulations that may affect your interior design project, especially if it involves structural changes or alterations. It’s crucial to work with a designer who understands and can navigate these regulations.

Question 6

Inska: So, what is the typical style of interior design that you are seeing in Melbourne these days?”

Zircon Interiors: The interior design you find in Melbourne is incredibly diverse. The city is a melting pot for architectural and interior design fanatics. 

One of the standout features in Melbourne’s interior design landscape is polished concrete. It’s everywhere, and for good reason. Polished concrete floors exude a modern and minimalist vibe. 

Natural light is another big player in Melbourne’s design scene. Whether large windows, glass doors, or skylights, natural light and visual openness to the elements are trending. 

Biophilic design is also gaining traction in Melbourne. It’s about bringing the natural world inside. Plants, green walls, and natural materials such as wood and stone are popular for obvious reasons.  

Also, break-out and chill areas in corporate and commercial offices are growing. Think comfy seating, playful design elements, and a coffee machine nearby. They’re perfect for those informal meetings or just a quick recharge.

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