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Luxury Interior Design Trends For 2017

There’s something about a new year that just screams clean slate. It’s the chance to tweak or completely ditch the old and bring in the new – and this goes for all aspects of our lives, including our workplaces. In this article, we have taken a closer look at some of the hottest interior design trends for 2017. So sit back and grab a notebook – it’s time to take some notes!

interior design trends for 2017

  • Dimensional textures
    Many experts believe that unexpected design pairings are going to be all the rage this year. We will see people drawing elements from the most prevalent decor styles – industrial (raw metals and unfinished timbers), Southwestern (cowhide rugs and desert plants) and Scandinavian (bleach timber, sheepskin rugs and linen upholstery).
  • Furniture as art
    Adding interest to the space isn’t just about what you hang on the walls – a unique chair can also function as art in the workplace. A chair is no longer just a chair – it’s a functional piece of art that has been selected for its artistic contribution to the overall design of the space. This is particularly true of the reception area.
  • High-lacquered timber
    Another emerging trend for 2017 is the polished look of high-lacquered timber – particularly as wall panels. This is actually a great way to conceal shelving. Many people are drawn to clean lines and finishes, so lacquered walls can give them that polished and tailored look they love as well as adding some texture to the space.
  • Mixed metals
    The resurgence of mixed metals is a result of industrial and minimalist design returning to popularity. Although mixing metals is by no means a new trend, 2017 is set to see people be more creative with their combinations. Think brass and chrome, silver and polished nickel, antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze.
  • Modern minimalism
    The minimalist trend isn’t going anywhere – with more people turning towards minimal living and owning less, it’s started to leak into our workplaces, too. Think stylish yet functional storage solutions that lend themselves to small space living – workspaces that can be packed away when not in use and hidden storage compartments.
  • Natural charm
    Although terracotta and cork aren’t usually the first materials to come to find for interior finishes, both are becoming popular for accents in homes and workplaces alike. They add warmth and texture, not to mention help to achieve an island look of a bygone era. Terracotta, in particular, looks great as an accent wall or fireplace cladding.
  • Neutral and saturated hues
    If Pantone’s colour of the year is any indication, 2017 is going to be the year of Greenery. This is an attention-grabbing colour that is expected to be used for adding a pop of colour and contrast. Other hot colours include Kale (yep, just like the vegetable!), Hazelnut (a warm nude), Lapis Blue (a vivid jewel tone) and Flame (a fiery orange).

Whether you want to tweak the interior design of your workplace or give it a complete overhaul, using the hottest trends of 2017 will ensure that your office is on point. Remember that you’re not only designing for visitors (whom you want to have a great first impression of your business) – you’re also designing for your employees who inhabit the space every day.

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