March 01, 2017

Common Office Fitout Mistakes That Every Business Should Avoid

Article by Micah Weeks

Good design will result in a workplace that feels good to visit and spend time in, but get the design wrong and your business can suffer significantly (from loss of clientele due to poor presentation to employee absenteeism due to negative health effects). Here, we have taken a closer look at some of the more common office fitout mistakes and how they can be avoided.

  1. Lack of Planning
    Before you begin an office fitout project, ensure that you know exactly what you’re trying to achieve – and don’t forget to be realistic with your budget. This should extend to all details, such as spatial planning (ensure that furniture is the correct size for the space you have available, for example, and avoid purchasing on a whim).
  2. Bad Lighting
    Lighting is a pretty obvious requirement so that people can see what they’re doing, but keep in mind that the type of lighting you use can have an effect on people’s moods, motivation levels and health. Natural lighting is best, so ensure that you utilise windows as effectively as possible, whilst artificial lighting should be carefully distributed.
  3. Cramped Spaces
    With effective planning and design, even smaller offices can be made to feel comfortable and compact rather than cramped. Your choice of colours and materials can really help here – painting the walls in cooler colours, for example, can make the space seem larger; using glass partitions can provide a sense of openness and airiness.
  4. No Balance of Private & Collaborative Spaces
    It’s important for employees to have access to both private and collaborative spaces – collaboration encourages connection, innovation and a strong business culture, whilst privacy is best for concentration, learning and focus. For a fully-rounded workplace, a combination of both types of spaces is required.
  5. Lack of Cohesive Theme
    A cohesive interior with a particular ‘vision’ running through it can help to create feelings of calm and orderliness. It can also be used to express your unique brand identity using colour, pattern and materials. Whenever someone enters your office, you want them to feel welcomed and have a strong sense of your businesses’ ideals.
  6. Neglecting the Reception
    Many businesses underestimate the importance of the reception area. This is the first part of your office that many people see (whether they’re visitors, clients or employees), so it’s important that you make a good impression. This space should be welcoming, comfortable and professional, as well as practical for your receptionist.
  7. Trying to DIY
    It might be tempting to save some money by completing the office fitout yourself, but properly investing in the design of the workplace can actually save you more money in the end. There is a host of aspects that a trained professional knows to take into account, plus they’re likely to have reputable industry contacts to carry out works.

If you’re in desperate need of an office fitout, we hope that the above list of mistakes gives you an idea of what to avoid at all costs throughout the process. Simply employing the services of a professional can actually help you to avoid many of these mistakes, as they’ll take care of everything for you. Got any questions about your fitout? Get in touch with Zircon Interiors today!

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