March 08, 2019

Concept to Completion: Smart Office Design for the Modern Workplace

Article by Micah Weeks

Office Design

Modern working trends don’t always produce the expected results. This was proven when a Harvard study tested the level of collaboration in companies that adopted open space architecture. The study found that Fortune 500 companies saw a decrease in face-to-face interaction while digital interactions such as emails increased by 50 per cent. With the main draw of this architectural design about its positive impact on workplace collaboration, the findings showed that not all trends work for everyone.

This is why interior design firms in Melbourne are working with business owners to find the best architectural and interior designs that will help improve productivity and inspire collaboration in their companies.

Needs Analysis

In creating a smart office design that creates a conducive work environment, you must first determine what exactly your space needs. You can start this process by conducting a physical needs analysis to help you decide on storage and furniture options. Conducting a SWOT analysis is the next step in order to identify problem points in your current workspace culture and the possible solutions that will remedy them. Conducting these surveys and analyses will give you the necessary data that can discern which architectural style to utilise for your workspace.

Test Fits

The information you have collected will aid you and your design team in creating your test fit. A test fit is a floor plan that is used to establish which of the needs and requirements you have gathered can be accommodated in the space that you have. Aside from helping you decide on which architectural style to use, this step has the potential to reduce expenses aimed towards troubleshooting. During this stage of the process, you learn about the limitations you have and the problems you might encounter in the future. It gives you the opportunity to find the appropriate solutions before any major changes are made.

Customised Design

All of the information you have gathered, from the analyses to the test fits, will be taken into account when your design team creates the final blueprint for your office space. Doing so ensures that your aspirations are seamlessly integrated with the functionality of the design. As studies on the workspace environment continue to contradict each other, customising your office design to the specifications of your business and employees will be more advantageous to performance, as opposed to just adopting the latest trends.

Professional Construction

Choosing to partner with a professional contractor and their team will go a long way to ensuring the success of your renovation. Whether the changes are minor or major, this is still an undertaking that though initially, will require an investment, will boost business if done correctly. More importantly, their expertise allows for better attention to detail and an insightful understanding of how to execute all of your design needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Zircon Interiors

In Zircon Interiors, we believe that creative and imaginative design influences the mood and atmosphere of the space. Our team of interior designers in Melbourne use the latest industry standards and innovative practices to give your workspace a smart design that can adapt to your future needs. From mood boards to 3D modelling, we use a variety of tools in order to comprehensively reveal the best design solution for your space.

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