August 21, 2019

Decorating for Success: Optimising Your Office for Productivity, Creativity and Comfort

Article by Micah Weeks

employees sitting in a wide officeWhen it comes to workplaces, creativity, productivity and comfort work together as a dream team. Without an appropriate balance of the three, you might find your office filled with employees who have low morale. To create an atmosphere of creativity, productivity and comfort, however, you must not only be mindful of the interaction at work but also of the office environment. If brilliant minds are left in plain white rooms all day long, they’ll come up with great ideas but they’re bound to take longer than they should.

If you want to set minds free, provide them with the proper pasture to roam. Having an open office is a good start but it’s not enough. To really help your employees come up with great ideas, here are tips for creating a workplace that boosts employee creativity, productivity and comfort.

Nooks in common areas

The best-case scenario when your employees run into each other is that brilliant conversations will spark, resulting in creative and innovative solutions. This is exactly why you should incorporate nooks and booths where people can maintain privacy in common paths and areas.

When people start conversations at the coffee machine, their small talk can easily turn into a 20-minute meeting. If they have to reserve a conference room to finish that conversation, then they might lose time as well as their flow of ideas. You can place these meeting nooks adjacent to social spaces such as corners for printing, coffee or eating.

An agile workspace

Design a workspace where employees don’t have to sit in specific spots all day. Rather than spending nine hours at their station, allow them the freedom to work in quiet spaces for uninterrupted concentration or at the social hub where they can connect with their co-workers.

It’s also important that your office has adjustable desks and conference tables. Sitting all day long can be harmful to the health of your employees. Their workspace should enable them to stand or sit whenever they wish at the height that they’re comfortable with.

A piece of their personal lives

Consider the element of shower ideas. You’re in your own bathroom, decorated with personal touches and surrounded by your favourite comforts. You’re in a fortress of relaxation as you breathe in the scents of your soap and shampoo. Suddenly, a brilliant idea pops into your head and you’ve become a visionary before you rinse the suds off of your skin.

You can replicate that effect in your office by allowing your employees to decorate their personal workstations with objects that bring them comfort and relaxation. The embellishments can be anything from their collection of miniature toys or their favourite potted cacti to family portraits. Encourage them to build their own safe space where they are free to think and create.

Optimise Your Office and Decorate for Success With Zircon Interiors

Productivity, creativity and comfort have never been about employees sitting at their desks with their heads down working all day. If you truly want your business to succeed, Zircon Interiors can help.

With over 25 years of experience in creating office fitouts in Australia, we create modern workspaces that keep employees happy and motivated. We have all of the services and products you need, from office workstations online to comprehensive design-and-build services.

Work with us today and create the office your company needs. For more information and enquiries, call us on 1300 947 266 or send an email to

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