December 16, 2019

Design Predictions for the Workplaces of the Future

Article by Micah Weeks

Office buildings are changing and will continue to change to support new ideas, innovative solutions and technology. As we hurtle toward the future at intensifying speed, interior design firms in Sydney and other major cities across the country have a few design predictions for the workplaces of the future.

Activity-based working

If today’s office environment consists of assigned desks, often designated based on hierarchy, the work norm of the future is different. Companies are now adopting the office design plan conducive to activity-based working.

In an activity-based work setup, employees can work anywhere in the office that suits their current task. For instance, if an employee requires a high level of concentration to finish a presentation, they can move to a pod or any isolated area that’s free from distractions. If they require close collaboration with a colleague, they can sit together in a lounge area where they can freely exchange ideas.

According to a study from the University of New South Wales, many corporations have adopted the activity-based working design plan, including the Commonwealth Bank. With its emergence in major companies across the country, it’s inevitable that many others will follow.

Homely office interiors


Office design trends will witness an increase of elements traditionally associated with the home. These elements include breakout areas, coffee bars and kitchen-style seating areas. Companies will strike a balance between professional interiors and the familiar warmth of home.

This balance aims to make the office feel less like an institutional factory where employees work 8-9 hours a day. It will make the workplace feel like a home away from home where employees can be their most productive selves.

Co-working to co-living

The co-working environment will continue to thrive, especially among start-ups and small businesses. The trend will tap into a new market, specifically a market of Gen Z employees who seek a social and convenient space where they can live and work under one roof. This will blur the lines between working and personal lives, offering an appealing balance for those who enjoy communal living and working.

Community and nature

Experts predict that there will be a shift towards multi-purpose buildings that cater for the company’s employees and their respective families. This means office buildings might have a preschool on the roof with a playground and apartments below. The office building will become a microcosm of the city instead of just a commercial space.

Biophilic elements are also set to reshape Australia’s workplaces, helping people to reconnect with nature. It will go beyond potted plants and green walls, introducing soundscapes and fabrics with textures inspired by nature.

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