January 27, 2020

Finding the Right Fitout Partner for Your Office Overhaul

Article by Micah Weeks

Office design goes beyond aesthetics. No matter what industry you’re in, a well-designed and modern workplace improves employee productivity and satisfaction. This is why more and more businesses in Australia are investing in commercial fitout  companies to renovate or redesign their offices.

However, choosing the right partner for your fitout can be a challenging task. You want to work with a reliable and experienced fitout partner who will help you realise your ambitions and meet your expectations.

Whether you’re relocating or refurbishing, the first step is to build a shortlist of three to five potential partners. Once you’ve done that, it pays to check their credentials. Here’s a guide to choosing the right office fitout company.

Start with their reputation

You’re about to entrust someone to renovate the home of your company. You can’t simply choose someone with a bad reputation in the industry, even if their rates seem reasonable.

When selecting a fitout partner, take time to talk to their previous clients and look at their past projects. The fitout company should be proud to showcase their previous work and willing to refer you to their past clients. It’s even better if they agree to arrange site visits for you to see their finished projects or works in progress.

It’s also worthwhile considering if they have managed projects of a similar size to yours and if they have a solid track record in your sector. This will provide you with the assurance that you can trust them to carry out your vision.

Assess their financial stability

The financial capacity and experience of your office fitout partner has a direct impact on your project’s risk level. Go for a company that’s too small and inexperienced and they may not have the resources to deliver on your required fitout. It’s best to choose a contractor that has sufficient resources and the right backing to complete your project with as few delays as possible.

Consider the services they include

Make a list of everything the company will provide as part of their service and those they can’t accommodate. Common services that your fitout partner should offer include consultancy, office design, project management and environmental compliance.

Comparing companies based on their offerings will help you determine which one’s worth your time and money. It’s often easier to have a partner that manage most, if not all aspects of the project. This enables you to keep your focus on your business during the refurbishment or rebuild. That’s why many businesses opt for one-stop-shops for their office fitouts.

Evaluate their credentials

Is the contractor you’re eyeing serious about quality, the environment and health and safety? If they are, they would have picked up relevant credentials along the way. You can ask them whether they’re certified by organisations such as ISO or GECA. You can then make informed decisions based off of their benchmarks.

After you’ve finished all of the steps above, you’ll be in a good position to choose the fitout partner who will enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your office. You can look forward to the final results and reap the rewards of a brand new look for your workplace.

To learn more about office fitouts in Australia, contact Zircon Interiors today.

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