October 16, 2013

How To Purchase Boardroom Furniture In Melbourne

Article by Micah Weeks

In many respects, the boardroom says a lot about the professionalism of a business. After all, important deals are decided upon in these spaces and partnerships are forged or broken in these spaces. This is why it’s important that you purchase boardroom furniture in Melbourne that properly reflects your attitude and image, otherwise you could just fail.

Boardroom Furniture

Step 1: Measure the space that you have designated the boardroom. This will prevent you from buying furniture that is too big or too small for the space. And remember that people will have to navigate around these items.

Step 2: Match the furniture in the space with each other. This means that you shouldn’t purchase a dark stained timber table if you have already purchased light stained timber chairs – the image looks completely off.

Step 3: Determine how many people will be sitting at the table – if you never have more than 6 people in attendance, one that seats 6-8 will be fine. You could also consider a table that can be expanded as needed.

Step 4: Determine how long people will be sitting in the room. If meetings are generally short, then any chairs will do. But if meetings can drag on for hours, it is important to ensure that the seating is ergonomic and comfortable.

Step 5: Make sure that your table and chairs are proportional to each other. If the table towers above where people are sitting, it can actually cause them to feel submissive, which isn’t effective in a workplace environment.

Step 6: Determine what shape you want the furniture to be. If you want everyone to feel as if they are on the same level, opt for a circular table; if you want to establish a hierarchy, a rectangular table is best.

As you can see, purchasing boardroom furniture in Melbourne is a lot more complex than simply walking into a showroom and pointing at all of the items you would like (although some people certainly do just this). By ensuring that all of your furniture is proportional to each other and matches, you can rest assured that you’re presenting the right image to your clients.

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