March 20, 2020

Office Design Concepts Fit for the Modern Workforce

Article by Micah Weeks

Many intangible factors influence company culture, but you can focus on one tangible: office design. From interior design to furniture styles, the physical surroundings of the office can have a profound impact on the mental state of employees. If the office space is designed to meet the needs of both the company and workforce, employees feel more valued and happier and are more likely to be one with the organisation.

Ideally, you want a workspace that helps employees focus and concentrate whenever necessary, and to collaborate when the task at hand requires them to do so. Flexible work options empower today’s workforce. Your workplace furniture should also be comfortable and ergonomically correct for each user.

To guide you further, here are some of the innovative office designs that fit the modern workforce:

Activity-Based Working Office

With activity-based working office plan, employees can work anywhere in the office that suits their activity or task at hand. If a worker needs to work on a project that requires a high level of concentration, they can move to small, enclosed quiet areas. On the other hand, if employees need or prefer to collaborate with co-workers, they can sit at a long workbench or any of the desks clustered based on teams.

Activity-based working combines the best features of traditional office setup and open-office plans. More importantly, it recognises different working behaviours. Some employees produce better when left alone, while others thrive in a more social or collaborative environment — all need suitable, comfortable space.

Consider an activity-based working office plan if you’re having an office refurbishment in Sydney soon.

Flexible Workspace

wide open office space

The flexible workspace design features desks, tables and chairs that are movable, height-adjustable and even resizable. It is a stark contrast to fixed office furniture you often see in a traditional office setup.

A flexible office design maximises the use of modular furniture components. For instance, you can transform a small meeting table into a long bench by attaching modular components, making it functional for both small and huge groups. Modular components boost better collaboration between employees.

Some flexible workspaces also have unassigned seating arrangements. Employees can choose whether they want to work in a clustered workstation, collaborative bench, private pod or lounge area. This concept suits organisations with BYOD policy or that use cloud for storing and processing business data.

Home-Like Office Atmosphere

Another office design that suits today’s workforce is the concept of a workplace that resembles a home. It features bright, cosy sofas, ping-pong tables, nap pods and even gym rooms. It makes the workplace as relaxing as possible, encouraging workers to take short breaks to remain productive throughout the day.

Lounge areas and recreational breakrooms, however, aren’t all about having downtime. They can also be used productively. Group meetings can be held over breakfast in a fully stocked pantry. Two employees can brainstorm for the next client pitch while running on treadmills at the office gym.

A home-like atmosphere doesn’t only provide a relaxed working environment but also helps employees find the ideal setup for their task at hand and even embrace the advantages of work-life integration.

To create a positive culture at work, you can start with office design and furniture. Create an employee survey; ask your team about their work habits, preferred work setups and other office wish lists. Then, refurbish your office and incorporate design changes to make your employees happy and feel valued.

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