October 05, 2012

Office Interior Design For A Doctor’s Surgery

Article by Micah Weeks

The office interior design of a doctor’s surgery is very important, as it says many things to the patients that grace its waiting areas and examination rooms on a daily basis. When putting your design together, however, it is important to consider the types of patients that your surgery will be seeing – a pediatrician’s office will look very different to that of a plastic surgeon, after all.

Use these tips to make your space feel as comfortable as possible:

  • The size of all furniture, fixtures and other elements of the décor should be chosen because they correspond with the size of your office. There is no point in having a huge reception desk if patients can’t squeeze past into the waiting area.
  • The interior of a doctor’s surgery should look current whilst not being too trendy. An outdated space suggests that the doctor is old-fashioned, whilst a space that is too modern suggests a clinical side that can often be off-putting to patients.
  • The seating of the waiting room is the most important feature – chairs should be simple but comfortable, and they should not be placed too closely together, as many people in the space will be unwell. Artwork in bright colours can also be included to help patients feel at ease.

When it comes to putting an office interior design together for a doctor’s surgery, the focus should be on taking away the stark clinical nature of the building. Don’t use clean whites, as these are reminiscent of hospitals; instead opt for neutral colours or blue and green colour palettes, which are calming. Your patents’ wellbeing should be your top priority.

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