January 20, 2020

Office Interiors: Factors to Consider when Choosing Office Furniture

Article by Micah Weeks

Business owners know that looking for the right office space is just the tip of the iceberg. After finding the perfect location, there’s a tougher task waiting – buying office furniture.

The furnishings in your office say a lot about your business. Clients and potential employees will judge your entire company based on their first impressions of your office setup. Office design affects customer attraction and client retention, but just as importantly, it affects the mood of productivity of your staff.

Here are the various factors to consider when choosing furniture for your office.


Good office design increases productivity, lightens up the mood and reduces stress. To achieve good office design, purchase the kind of furniture that will contribute to the aesthetics of your office.

You may want to do a bit of research on colour psychology. For instance, you can use the colour orange and yellow if you want your office to exude creativity and excitement. For a cool and modern setup, opt for shades of blue. Be mindful about choosing a multitude of clashing colours. The clash of colours can distract your employees and cause headaches.

Additionally, don’t choose furniture for the sole reason that you like their colour or design. Purchase pieces that fit in with your office’s or brand’s personality. Your office’s furniture must transcend the aesthetic value it provides and reflect your company’s culture and identity.


Your employees spend the majority of their day sitting at their desks typing away. This can lead to employees constantly feeling back pain.

Office workstation providers in Sydney carry ergonomic chairs and standing desks designed for optimal comfort and ease of use.  Ergonomic chairs work to realign employees’ spine, fix their posture, prevent arthritis and reduce work-related injuries.

Naturally enough, when employees are comfortable, they’ll likely be more productive. They’ll perform at their best and submit high-quality work. With quality furniture, you’re also sending the message that you care about their health and well-being. Employees who feel cared for have the mental focus, physical energy and emotional drive to stay on top of their game.


With many people working together in one place, an office can quickly become cluttered and chaotic. Before buying furniture, know the dimensions of your office to figure out ways to maximise the space. Buying bulky furniture will take up a huge chunk of your office space, restricting you and your employees from moving around freely.

Invest in good storage solutions and multi-functional furniture to solve space-related issues and ensure you leave enough room for your team to move around comfortably. Once you buy the furniture, arrange them in a way that makes your office look more spacious.

Purchase high quality furniture from Zircon Interiors

Buying office furniture isn’t hard when you know where to look. You can even purchase all the furniture you need from a single supplier to create a seamless look for your office.

At Zircon Interiors, we have a comprehensive range of commercial office furniture to suit every layout and style. From ergonomic chairs and soft seating to boardroom and reception furniture, we have the solutions for all your needs. With our extensive selection, you’ll find stylish and functional furniture you’ll love.

For more information and enquiries about our office furniture, contact us today.

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