August 21, 2019

Office Layout Ideas to Match Your Company’s Culture

Article by Micah Weeks

office mates discussing in the office


For established companies and innovative startups, a row of cubicles, some potted plants and a drip coffee machine are no longer enough for an inspiring a creative work atmosphere. To keep up with the speed and demand of modern development, companies today are tapping the expertise of designers and architects to develop bespoke office layouts that match their company’s culture.

However, thinking of new ideas for your office layout does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. Whether you’re trying to improve your current space or moving to a new one, you can easily refresh your office by adopting these quick and easy office layouts.

The Newsroom

The Newsroom layout is perfect for fast-paced tasks that require a lot of collaboration, communication and impromptu meetings. Groups who don’t have time to scan schedules and reserve conference rooms will benefit the most from this environment as it features desk clusters and flexible seating.

To do this, you can push together individual workstations or office desks to make clusters of both small and large group tables. Intersperse the office with flexible and comfortable seating options. You can use what you already have or add some bean bag seats for a hint of playfulness. You also need to remove room dividers and cubicle walls so that there’s an easy stream of communication from one department to the next.

The Library

Not all types of work benefit from a buzz of activity. If you think that the Newsroom won’t fit your company’s culture, the Library layout is perfect for work that depends on uninterrupted focus. This set-up is ideal for employees who want quiet time as it features privacy screens, sheltered cubes and lots of nooks and crannies.

To do this, split group cubes into personal workstations. You can also incorporate whiteboards into the main work hub. Employees can roll them in front of their cube doors when they need to make phone calls or focus on crunch-time projects. It is also beneficial to have special meeting rooms where employees can gather to take a break from the monotony of their desks and work quietly together.

The Artist’s Loft

Is your company filled with graphic design artists and copywriters? If you answered yes, then they will love the Artist’s Loft. This set-up is perfect for creative and highly-visual work as it features pops of colour, long galley office desks, whiteboards and lots of natural light.

To do this, you can line the office perimeter with whiteboards, encouraging the free flow of ideas and allowing people to find inspiration from their co-employees. It’s also important to let the sunshine pour in. Letting in natural light is not only a cost-efficient and effective design idea, but it will also benefit the health and happiness of your employees. Sunlight helps human bodies produce Vitamin D and Vitamin D can decrease the stress levels of your employees and improve their mood.

Design the Perfect Layout for Your Office with Zircon Interiors

A well-designed office that fits your company’s culture is key to maximising your employees’ productivity and creativity. If you notice a drop in your employees’ morale, Zircon can help you design an office that will make them excited to come to work every day. We also have innovative office workstations desks that are adaptable and promote collaboration.

For more information and enquiries about our products and services, call us on 1300 947 266. Start a conversation with us today and we’ll make great things happen in your office.


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