September 14, 2019

Office Redesign: How to Know When it’s Time for an Upgrade

Article by Micah Weeks

A well-designed office space does wonders for a business. A professional look impresse clients while taking ergonomics into consideration enhances productivity and facilitates employee wellness.

There will come a time when you have to upgrade your current design, whether it’s in a new location or a renovation of your current space.The motivations for office redesign differ in each company. There can be one reason, or multiple reasons, for upgrading to a more modern look. Common signs for redesign include:

Change of Company Image

New office design

Whatever your reasons are, a change of company image requires a refreshed office layout. This allows employees, customers and investors to see your business in a new light.

Low Productivity

Office design plays a key role in workplace productivity. If your employees are constantly distracted by noise or are discouraged by the lack of private spaces, they will find it difficult to focus on the tasks at hand and collaborate with colleagues. Health concerns such as back and wrist pain could also hurt your bottom line in the long run.

New Work Arrangements

Your company could be growing, so you need a bigger space to accommodate more employees. Alternatively, you might be downsizing your space to give way to new work arrangements, such as flexible shifts or telecommuting.

Outdated Look

First impressions matter in any workplace. If your office still sticks to traditional beige walls and outdated furniture, it might give an impression to clients and employees that the company doesn’t want to adapt to change.

An outdated design could hurt your finances as well. With obsolete furniture or appliances that require regular repairs, it might be cost-effective to switch to modern equipment.

Considerations for Redesigning the Office

Thorough planning to achieve the desired look for your new office. It helps to consult with an expert company that provides fitout project management services to make sure all stages of the redesign process – from planning to finishing – are delivered efficiently.

When planning the design, have your employees’ needs in mind. Although the open office plan is a trend implemented by modern offices everywhere, the open space and lack of partitions might not make some workers productive. With that in mind, involve your people throughout the planning process. Have them vote on the final design, office furniture and other changes you are about to make.

Consider your branding and the nature of your business during the planning process. Your brand guidelines are usually the starting point for the colour palette, furniture selection and other design considerations, but it should not be the sole basis for the overall design. If, for example, your brand uses loud colours to entice customers, they might not have the same effect on your employees.

Whether you’re designing for a new company image or for an updated look, upgrading your workplace design is a worthwhile investment. Remember to dedicate thorough planning into making sure the new design matches your business needs. That way, you’ll have a better impression on clients and investors, and your employees will be more productive and engaged.

Achieve the Office of Your Dreams with Zircon Interior

Trust Zircon Interiors to make sure that your new office is modern, professional and well-designed. Whether your business is moving to Sydney’s central business district or in need of a new look, our fitout project management services ensure an efficient process and delivery.

Our team of experts is involved throughout every stage of the fitout project. From securing the necessary permits to post-construction follow-up, we make sure that you do not have to hire separate contractors, designers and engineers to achieve your desired office design. We finish our projects professionally and promptly, and we conduct regular inspections to correct issues before handover.

Contemporary office design is within your reach. Contact us on 1300 947 266 to book a free consultation with us.

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