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Fully-rendered interior design concepts

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    Taking on extra staff or need more office space?

    Refurbing your existing offices can be a very beneficial way to refresh an outdated and tiring fit out. Transform your office with a modern open plan design and incorporate some working techniques such as activity-based working. Nearly every space can be redesigned to be so different that it won't feel like the same space. Find out how we're helping modernize Australia by checking out our latest office renovations.

    If you're looking for more space to take on extra staff, or simply want to refresh an outdated and tired-looking office, a commercial office refurbishment from Zircon Interiors could be the change you're looking for.

    For over 30 years, Zircon Interiors have been transforming offices across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane into modern, open plan spaces that feel completely new and exciting. Talk to our team today and discover how we can help you rethink your office, and how your people work within it.

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    How do I know if my office needs a refurbishment?

    The signs that your office needs a renovation can be difficult to spot, but there are a few key indicators. If you're starting to feel cramped in your current office, or if you've outgrown the space, it might be time for an office renovation. If you're noticing that your office is looking dated and tired, a refurbishment could be the solution. And finally, if you're looking for a way to improve office morale and increase productivity, an office refurbishment might be the answer.

    What are the benefits of office refurbishments?

    There are several benefits to office refurbishments, including:

    1. Increased office morale and productivity

    2. A refreshed, modern look for your office

    3. Increased space for staff or storage

    4. Improved communication and collaboration among staff

    5. A more comfortable and inviting office environment

    How is Zircon Interiors helping to modernize Australia's offices?

    Zircon Interiors is helping to modernize Australia's offices by offering a range of office renovations that can be tailored to meet each client's specific needs. From open plan design to the introduction of activity-based working techniques, we can help you create a office space that is truly unique and inspiring.

    Office refurbishments can be a great way to improve office morale, increase productivity and create a more modern and inviting office space. If you're thinking of undertaking a commercial refurbishment, be sure to contact one of our office renovation experts at Zircon Interiors. We have over 30 years of experience in office refurbishments, and we can help you create a office space that your staff will love working in.


    Office Refurbishment

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    Better Place Australia
    Domaine Chandon
    Professionals Australia

    Client: Domaine Chandon

    Project type: Warehouse conversion


    Domaine Chandon needed to expand its office to fit an increase in staff numbers. The project was to refurbishing an existing warehouse which already held a small office. The dream was to create a space that included areas for collaboration as well as quiet spaces, using plenty of natural light, and required a central location for all the staff to gather for daily team meetings.


    We implemented our space utilisation strategy to collaborate with the staff at Domaine Chandon to create a space that reflected the surroundings of the Yarra Valley as well as a space that served their exact requirements. We engaged all of the stakeholders through-out the process. Using workshops and surveys, we asked the whole team what the top 4 things they were looking for in a new office.


    We designed and created a stunning office fit out, providing the perfect workflow for Domaine Chandon’s staff to grow and become more efficient in daily tasks and enjoy their new working environment.

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    Office fit-out Case Studies

    What Domaine Chandon said:

    “We now have an office with enormous amounts of natural light across the whole space. I also know how much work and effort the Zircon team put into future proofing the office fit out. Which is greatly appreciated from all of us. We know in the next 20-30 years that the next generation will not run out of space.”

    “This space is really going to work for us, we have private time for when we need it, and we’ve got ‘get together’ time and spaces which are really important for us and our daily worklife. This helps to develop our team spirit, and we love to be together collaborating and planning.”

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    Innovative workplace spaces in menlbourne

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