September 04, 2019

Pick Out a Productive Office Layout to Help Your Business Grow

Article by Micah Weeks

Running a business requires you to focus on achieving your goals, such as maintaining consistent cash flow and attracting more customers. Although these factors are vital in the success of your business, sometimes you overlook the little things, like the office layout, that might affect your growth.

It may seem to be a small thing to worry about, but having the right office design can boost the performance of your organisation. Understanding how the format of your office in Victoria affects employees helps you decide on whether to use office partitions or go for an open space format.

Attract and Retaining the Best Talents

A team of talented, motivated professionals is the backbone of a successful business; employers have to ensure they are satisfied with their jobs to keep them around longer. Losing them would undoubtedly negatively affect the performance of the organisation and its reputation.

Offering certain job perks, like learning opportunities, plenty of time off and space to focus on their family, help employers retain existing employees and attract new ones. Creating a healthy and positive work environment also plays a role in attracting and retaining talents.

Last but not the least, your office’s layout affects how your team members interact with each other and feeds into overall productivity. Make sure that your workplace provides opportunities for collaborations but also allows employees their privacy when needed.

How Does a Good Layout Enhance Team Productivity?

Labour and supplies cost higher when productivity is low. Employees who take longer to complete a task mean lower output of goods, which decreases the income of your company. Low productivity will also affect your company’s competitiveness, leading you to lag behind by your competitors. This is usually a sign of low employee morale that causes a lower quality of work, increased absenteeism and higher turnover rates.

Boosting your workplace productivity is beneficial for customers and investors. Your team will be able to produce quality output, which gives you higher profitability. It also raises your employees’ morale, knowing that they perform well.

Carefully designing your office can boost the performance of your team. The office design should meet the unique needs of your organisation for everyone to work efficiently. For instance, storing supplies and materials in an accessible space prevents employees from spending too much time searching for them. Hence, they have more time to complete their tasks.

Office Layouts to Consider

Companies design their offices differently, depending on the needs of their team. Open-plan offices, for example, are popular among tech companies. This layout aims to encourage more interactions between employees and improve collaboration.

A Harvard study, however, found that open-plan offices actually decreased interactions among team members by 70 per cent. Meanwhile, interactions between employees via emails and text messages increased by 20 to 50 per cent. The authors of the study suggest that open-plans trigger a natural human response to withdraw from office mates socially instead of personally interacting with them more often.

Using office partitions is an ideal alternative if you think an open-plan office won’t work for your team. Partitions don’t only clearly divide the spaces in your office, but they also enhance the appearance of your workplace. It makes your office attractive to employees and even to potential clients or investors.

Having an open-plan office means you have to deal with excessive noise. But partitions will allow you to manage the sound around you, especially in areas where you need to hold conference calls and meetings.

Here at Zircon Interiors, we offer a variety of office partitions to match your needs. You can choose from plaster partitions, glass partitions and operable walls made with premium quality materials. Our team will carefully position the partitions in your office and choose the design and colour that will add character to your space.

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