Spotless – Downer Group

The Agile Collab Zone

  • Office size: 6000 sqm
  • Location: Melbourne VIC

The flexible office is becoming more and more popular in today’s business world. With the ever-changing landscape of work and the growing demand for more versatility, it’s no wonder that many companies like Spotless are opting for this type of collaborative office setup. So what exactly is a flexible office space? And what are the benefits of using it?

Well, the space is an open-plan layout that allows employees to work in a variety of ways. This could include working at a desk, sitting on a couch, or even standing up. Much of the furniture can be rearranged to suit the needs of the employees and the task at hand, The idea is that by giving employees the freedom to choose how they want to work, they will be more productive. And studies have shown that this is indeed the case.

One of the benefits of a flexible office space is that it can be easily adapted to meet the needs of your business. For example, if you need more meeting space, you can easily convert part of the open area into a conference room. Or if you need to create more private areas, you can add partition walls.

Another benefit of a flexible office space is that it encourages collaboration. By having everyone in the same area, employees are more likely to talk to each other and share ideas. This can lead to a more productive and creative work environment.

Interior Design
Innovative workplace spaces in menlbourne

Why choose Zircon Interiors?
We create value

We help our clients see the transformation possibilities by thinking outside the box with bespoke commercial office designs. Whether 100 or 10,000 square metres, we pride ourselves on delivering high-end commercial fit-outs to sympathetic change-of-use and office refurbishments in the shortest time.

Seamless experience

We guide you through every step of the fit-out process and ensure you are as involved as you want to be. We love working in close collaboration and delivering a shared vision of culture-inspired workplaces

High and ongoing return on investment

A more comfortable workspace is a more efficient one. We take the time to understand your current and future needs and create office fit-outs that enhance productivity.

Quality and satisfaction, guaranteed!

We respect the time-sensitive nature of moving office and commit to delivering a world-class office fit-out on time and budget. As registered Master Builders, our expert advice, customer service and craftsmanship are guaranteed, reassuring that everything is perfect when moving into your new space.

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