December 04, 2019

Put the Fun in Functionality: How You Can Optimise Your Office Fitout Plan

Article by Micah Weeks

A functional workspace design shouldn’t only focus on efficient workflow and productivity. Employee comfort is a crucial factor, as well. After all, workers spend most of their day in the office. An office design that satisfies and even adapts to their needs helps employees remain comfortable, productive and healthy.

As such, flexible design has taken over from more traditional office layouts. It allows employees to take control of how and where they work, making work more collaborative, creative and fluid. It also puts the fun in functionality, transforming boring spaces into vibrant stations and exciting areas.

If you are planning for an office fit-out project in Sydney, here are some ideas that not only freshens up the office space but puts a bit more zip into your workforce.


Embrace hot-desking

Cubicles have their merits when it comes to helping employees focus on work. However, sitting in a cubicle for hours can be detrimental to today’s employees who want to be more active, mobile and collaborative. One way to promote mobility in the office is through hot-desking.

Hot-desking eliminates the need for regular fixed work stations. It allows workers to change their day-to-day environment; they can sit beside their peers one day and secure a private desk the next day. It is suitable for a workplace environment that uses the cloud for data storage and hands out laptops to employees or allows them to bring their own device. It is also ideal for those who have employees working remotely, but who need to pop into the office occasionally. On top of this, it helps businesses cut down on equipment costs and wasted space. It’s smarter, slicker and more efficient.

Bear in mind, though, that hot-desking usually follows a first-come, first-serve rule. This can be an issue for workers who get held up by transport delays or meetings outside the office. Make sure that your office fit-out plan incorporates a hot-desking system that adapts to the needs of each employee every day.

Choose flexible furnishing

The right set of office furniture is key to keeping your workspace as flexible as possible. Consider shopping for pieces that can have multiple uses. Sit-stand desks and tables are a great example. Employees don’t have to sit all day long; they can stand to stretch their legs while continuing their work.

Also, conference rooms can have retractable or sliding wall panels to create multiple huddle spaces if needed. Huddle spaces have been a trend and are less rigid than traditional meeting rooms.

Fill each space mindfully

Another way to foster a fun, exciting and creative work environment is to keep clutter at bay. You don’t want, however, to make the space seem sterile, leaving an impression of rules and limitations. The best way to approach this is to fill each clear space with flexible furniture, splashes of colour and a piece or two of tasteful artwork.

Hot-desking and multipurpose spaces can help reduce clutter as they compel employees to be mindful of their belongings, knowing their space may be used by a colleague the next hour or day.

You can boost collaboration and productivity by simply thinking of your employees’ comfort and satisfaction. Furthermore, they happy they are with their office and their working environment, the more likely they are to stay.

If you want to learn more about creating fun, efficient workspaces, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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