July 19, 2019

Redesigning the Office: How Office Partitions Help in Good Office Design

Article by Micah Weeks

Good office design is one of the key factors in employee productivity and efficiency. According to work futurist Jacob Morgan, employees who enjoy being in their working environment are more engaged and productive. This is in line with recent employer trends in which employers are focusing more strongly on employee workplace satisfaction.

What is a good office design?

In a report, productivity consultant Helene Segura said that the perfect office has areas where employees can work by themselves and be free from distraction, open areas for collaboration and private conference rooms designed for meetings.

However, making sure an employee has the type of area they need to be most productive can be challenging because of the difference in age groups, personalities and work ethic. This gets trickier because companies want to ensure employee privacy without compromising a sense of belonging within the organisation.

Having office partitions is one way of ensuring that employees get their privacy, where they can concentrate and focus on their job, but still be able to connect with the rest of the workplace.

The Benefits of Office Partitions

Office partitions are the modern day substitute for walls. However, they come with advantages for the modern workspace. For one, installing office partitions are a lot cheaper than installing walls.

Plaster partitions, which is one of the most common office partitions in Victoria, provide comparable durability and soundproofing to walls. They can be installed in half or in full depending on your choice. If you prefer something with more noise reduction capabilities, there are also acoustic partitions, which absorb sound waves. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be freestanding or attached to ceilings or walls.

Office partitions can increase the aesthetic quality of an office. They provide offices with a more modern look and can be customised to your taste. Glass partitions allow natural light to come in and are pleasing to the eye. Clear glass partitions create a more open feel yet still maintain a level of privacy, while frosted partitions are excellent for dividing spaces.

Office partitions also provide flexibility because they can be uninstalled, moved and reinstalled. This is good for companies looking to expand or relocate but do not want to sacrifice their current office designs. There are also foldable walls, which can create larger spaces for meetings and other office occasions.

Ensuring privacy amongst employees really boils down to how a company can maintain its preferred working space. Installing office partitions can help with this, without resorting to a fixed and inflexible solution such as walls.

Zircon Interiors is committed to enhancing collaboration and efficiency in the workspace. We look to do this by marrying intelligent design with necessary practicality to create a space which is as functional as it is aspirational. The company’s team of dedicated designers employ a comprehensive concept-to-completion process to deliver modern offices to our clients.

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