September 20, 2019

Shape Your Company’s Culture through Interior Design

Article by Micah Weeks

Your company’s culture makes a huge impact on your bottom line. According to an article posted in MIT Sloan Management Review, a healthy corporate culture is important to survive and thrive in today’s market. This is because the average employee spends about forty per cent of their waking hours at the office. A vibrant company culture can help employees thrive professionally, enjoy their jobs and find meaning in their work. A toxic culture, on the other hand, can be soul-destroying and lead to unethical behaviour among employees.

Various factors influence company cultures, such as competitive pay and excellent benefits, but one important aspect is office design — everything from the layout to the furniture and the colours of the walls. Company culture and office design are inextricably linked as physical space showcases your company’s values and branding. A disconnect between the two can frustrate employees and confuse clients who visit your premises.

When utilising office design to enhance company culture, here are major factors that commercial interior designers in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia keep in mind.

Visibility and boundaries

Visibility within your company’s teams creates shared experiences that are vital for a strong corporate culture. Put in glass walls and doors and provide common work areas such as meeting pods, cafes, lounges and atriums. Set up project boards in places where everyone can see them and learn from one another’s ideas.

While visibility is important, so are boundaries. Boundaries help employees identify themselves as members of a team and foster a sense of belonging. You can set boundaries by grouping desks by the department and having different-coloured furniture for each team. You can also use low screens or open shelving to delineate teams without isolating them.

Interior Design

Make your office come to life

Your employees shouldn’t be the only living things in your office.

Even if your company culture isn’t eco-focused, decorate your workplace with fresh flowers, potted plants and greenery. This will not only spruce up your office space but it will also contribute to greater employee productivity. Additionally, plants are known to boost moods by releasing cytokines, the proteins that lead the brain to produce more serotonin. When you add a lot of greenery to your office, you send a message to your employees that you care about their happiness and well-being as much as their output.

Brand your space

This is perhaps the most important factor. When people walk through your door, be it employees or valued clients, they shouldn’t feel like they’re in any other office. They should know instantly what your company and values are all about.

Start by painting your walls in a colour scheme that encapsulates your company’s brand. Select wall art and furnishings that foster the culture you want to cultivate and make design choices that are consistent with your company’s identity. For instance, if you’re a tech company, integrate technology into your office such as placing tablets in the reception area instead of the usual industry magazines. You can also go for metallic colours and sleek, modern wall linings.

Enhance Your Company’s Culture with Zircon Interiors

Culture isn’t something you dictate — it emerges from what your employees do and how they feel while doing it. Look around your office. Does it capture your company’s culture or the culture you want to develop?

Steer your company’s culture in the right direction with Zircon Interiors. Our in-house team of interior designers provides smart design choices and styles that foster positive attitudes and encourage productive behaviours. From mood boards to 3D modelling, we use a variety of advanced tools to create high-quality solutions for your office space.

For more information and enquiries about our services, call us on 1300 947 266.

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