November 12, 2013

Understanding The Power Requirements Of Your Office Workstation

Article by Micah Weeks

To ensure that your workplace runs smoothly, every employee needs access to an office workstation that has a secure and consistent supply of electricity. The modern array of computers and electronic devices means that the workstation should feature several types of power access. You might also need a secondary source of electricity, just in case of an emergency.

Office Workstation

Standard Power
Your workstation will require access to one or more standard 120-volt wall outlets. They can be of the two- or three-prong variety. You should also install a surge protector so that you can convert a single outlet into a strip of six or more, allowing you to power a range of devices (such as a computer, monitor, printer, fax machine and telephone). The workplace should also be designed so that there are enough individual circuits to prevent an overload.

USB Power
Another form of power that many office workstations require is USB (Universal Serial Bus) power. This works as both a connector and a power supply. Items with larger power needs (such as a printer) may use a USB outlet to connect to a computer and may require a separate power source. Smaller devices (such as keyboards and mice) only need a USB connection. The best solution could be a USB hub, which is plugged into a power outlet.

Emergency Power
Some workplaces will also require emergency or backup power. Hospitals and emergency management offices, for example, will need to keep operating in times of crisis. More often than not, this will require a generator or backup power supply that will engage (and send electricity through to standard outlets) in the event of a power outage. An uninterruptable power supply (or UPS) can provide power for a single workstation in case of a power outage.

When arranging your workplace and determining the best locations for pieces of furniture, it is important that you have first gained an understanding of the power requirements for your office workstations. Whilst you may not work in a business that needs to keep running in the event of a crisis, it is important that your employees are able to plug everything they need in

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