October 14, 2014

What Are The Benefits Of Using Glass Office Partitions?

Article by Micah Weeks

Currently, there are so many different kinds of office partitions on the market, so it can be difficult to come to a final decision for your own workplace. There are a number of factors that also come into play, such as the existing decor of the space and the look you are going for. One of the more popular types is comprised of glass; here are the benefits of making such a choice:

glass office partitions

  • Durability Glass partitioning is a very versatile partitioning option. Zircon Interiors only uses the correct standard of glass thickness to withstand the wear and tear of everyday office use. This also means that the glass is installed according to Australian standards.
  • LightingOne of the biggest problems faced by workplaces today is a lack of natural lighting. This results in staff fatigue and a lack of workplace energy. However, manipulating your existing or proposed office layout to allow for plenty of natural sunlight into the office will help improve the morale and health of your employees. This will also lessen the need for artificial lighting, which can be expensive to run.
  • AestheticsThere can be no denying that glass office partitions simply look good. They have a distinctly contemporary appearance that can work in almost any workplace and there are also a number of treatments available, including frosting and etching. Call today to further your brand awareness by etching your company logo into the panel!
  • Privacy If you are hesitant to install glass partitions in your workplace because you don’t want to take away your employees’ privacy, we have the solution! A frosted treatment will still provide an open plan feel with plenty of natural light without compromising on privacy. Clear panels can also aid with employee accountability.
  • Maintenance – They may not look it, but glass is actually incredibly easy to maintain. The panels are quick and easy to clean – just give them a quick spray with a window cleaning solution and wipe them down! This method of cleaning can also be used on panels that have been treated, otherwise a wipe down with a microfiber cloth will do.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits associated with the installation of glass office partitions. They are perfect for workplaces that lack natural sunlight, are hard-pressed for free time or that are looking for a contemporary look. With the availability of additional glass treatments, you can also ensure privacy and even brand awareness for your employees.

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