November 02, 2022

Why Is It Important To Have A Workplace Strategy When Renovating Your Office?

Article by Micah Weeks

When renovating your office, it’s important to have a workplace strategy. This helps you focus on areas that will improve productivity and employee satisfaction. Workplace strategy can also help reduce costs of office fitouts and renovations.

By having a workplace strategy, you can make sure that your new modern office is focused on areas that will have the biggest impact. This can help to save money on workplace renovations, as well as improve the overall ROI of the project.

Modern office layout with informal and formal meeting zones and breakout areas as designed in a workplace strategy session

What is workplace strategy?

Workplace strategy is defined as an integrated approach to the planning, design, and development of a work environment. For the purpose of achieving business goals and improving employee productivity, engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

There are numerous factors to consider when developing and implementing a workplace strategy. The nature of the business and its corresponding culture. The specific needs of employees, the work environment itself, and the available resources. The goal is to create a work environment that supports and enhances employee productivity and retention. While also meeting the organization’s business goals.

Some common elements of workplace strategy include;

  • Office layout and design
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Ergonomics
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Thermal comfort
  • Air quality
  • Wayfinding.

In addition to the physical work environment, workplace strategy encompasses policies and procedures. Also workspace usage, such as hot desking, flexible working hours, and remote working.

Developing an effective workplace strategy requires a deep understanding of the organization’s business goals and objectives. As well as the needs of its employees. It is important to involve employees in the process. They are the ones who will be using the space on a daily basis. They will have valuable insights into what would work best for them. Once the workplace strategy has been developed, it is important to monitor and evaluate its effectiveness. This should be done on a regular basis and adjustments made as needed.

How can workplace strategy help reduce costs with workplace renovations?

There are a number of ways that workplace strategy can help reduce costs associated with a modern office fitout. One is by helping to create a more efficient use of space, which can lead to smaller, less expensive renovations. Workplace strategy can help to create a more flexible and adaptable workplace that can accommodate changing needs over time. This can help to avoid the need for costly and disruptive renovations in the future. With careful planning and execution, workplace strategy can be a powerful tool for reducing the costs associated with workplace renovations.

1. Create a more efficient use of space

One way to reduce the costs associated with workplace renovations is to create a more efficient use of space. Consolidating workstations, eliminating unused space, and creating multi-purpose spaces. By making more efficient use of the available space, businesses can often reduce the scope of their workplace renovations. Leading to significant cost savings.

2. Create a more flexible and adaptable workplace

Finally, businesses can reduce the costs associated with workplace renovations by creating a more flexible and adaptable workplace. Introducing modular furniture and equipment, installing moveable walls, and incorporating flexible floor plans. Businesses can avoid the need for costly renovations in the future by making the workplace more flexible and adaptable.

Carefully planning and executing a workplace strategy can create a more efficient business.

Employee in breakout space on a video call for a workplace strategy session

How can workplace strategy improve the overall ROI of workplace projects?

There are a number of ways that workplace strategy can improve the overall ROI of workplace projects. One is by ensuring that the workplace project aligns with the organization’s business goals. Another is by maximizing the use of space and resources, and by minimizing disruptions to operations. Finally, effective communication and change management can help to ensure that employees can adjust to the new workplace and the project’s goals are achieved.

Next steps

Workplace strategy is an important tool that can help organizations reduce costs and improve the overall ROI of workplace projects. By carefully planning and designing the workplace, organizations can save money. Making their workplace fit out more efficient and effective. Workplace strategy can also help improve communication and collaboration within an organization. Making it a more productive and enjoyable place to work.

Workplace strategy can be used to improve a company’s bottom line. If you’re considering refreshing your office or a complete overhaul, be sure to consult with a workplace strategy and planning expert. Get the most out of your investment!

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