November 21, 2012

Why the Right Office Design for Your Commercial Fitout Is Vital For Business Growth

Article by Micah Weeks

Think back to the last time your Dandenong workplace received a makeover – was it so long ago that you barely remember? If that’s the case, it’s high time you consider an office fitout. After all, if you want to improve productivity and impress clients, a new office design will make a world of difference.

If you’re still uncertain about an office makeover, our list of reasons will help you make a decision.

Boost employee productivity and morale

Well-planned workspaces make it easier for people to complete tasks quickly and more efficiently. For instance, offices designed with open spaces stimulate staff to work creatively and collaborate with colleagues in an inclusive environment. This newfound productivity also improves employee morale due to the positive impact of the newly designed space.

You can also use splashes of colour to increase productivity and boost morale. Pinks and oranges are great colour choices to evoke feelings of energy, enthusiasm and warmth – perfect for dynamic workplaces that thrive on collaboration and creativity. Shades of blue can make people feel calm, relaxed and peaceful, which works well in high-pressure and stressful environments.

Improve your branding

Your office design may be attractive and functional, but does it truly represent your company? Incorporating branding into your office’s design will make your company’s image shine – for your clients and employees alike.

When customers, clients and prospective employees visit your office for the first time, it’s vital that the space reflects your brand and the image you want to portray. Anyone who walks in should immediately have an impression of your company based on the interiors, from the lobby to the meeting rooms and breakout spaces.

You can do this by distributing your brand logo, colours and slogans throughout the office to maintain a unified theme. However, excessive promotion of the brand may lead to overkill. Limit bolder brand statements to the reception area and opt for motivational quotes along hallways and other communal areas.

Create a healthier workspace

Comfortable office furniture is another easy way to improve staff working conditions. Office seating that’s not ergonomic can negatively impact your employees’ health, causing backache and general discomfort.

Ergonomic solutions allow employees to adapt to any environment and feel comfortable while they’re doing their everyday tasks. Ergonomic seating and desks consider working conditions for staff seated for long periods and is designed to help posture, reduce eye strain and be flexible enough to allow adjustment for different tasks and personal comfort.

At Zircon Interiors, we understand the importance of office design for your business. This is why we offer commercial fitouts designed to optimise your office space and provide interiors that will help you achieve success.

Share your ideas and vision with us today by calling 1300 947 266.

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